And this week our rehearsal eggs will be……….

 photos by Sauce Boss

Easter Eggs, just like Grandma used to make them.

Very pretty eggs that even the teeniest, tiniest Junior can make a fabulous job of….  you just need your egg design template, a pair of tights, vinegar and onion skins. So, French Onion soup, anyone?


Egg rehearsals – Spiderman Eggs

Spiderman Eggs Feb and march 2013 046 Spiderman Eggs Feb and march 2013 047

We are in serious rehearsals, in preparation for Easter. You need to have just the right kind of Easter Egg, right? We need to practice and try, try and practice. We have to be sure….. because if it has not been fully researched and rehearsed, how can we truly state  “For Easter this year we will be making…..”   The Easter Egg….. well, you should never dismiss an earnest attitude to anything, really, even if it’s an Easter Egg.

Today’s experiment was with what are called “Epic Easter Eggs”  at

or as they are now referred to in our house  “Spiderman Eggs”

You only need tap the shells gently (and not batter them, as was my daughter’s first attempt!) to crack them enough to get a good effect.  As you can see the food colouring doesn’t spoil the eggs “interior”, and as it happens, if it looks like something that Spiderman might like then BANG  goes the “I don’t like egg sandwiches” mantra that has passed from my son’s lips for nearly 12 months..

“Can I have Spiderman sandwiches for school this week”……..

“Of course you can”  I said, as I did my very best to sound slightly disinterested and not jump around fist-pumping….

Happy New Year- re-launch date set

Owing to  personal circumstances I have been unable to update this space as I had hoped.  I believe  that things will be resolved by the end of January and intend to resume regular posts as of the beginning of February. For now, I hope that you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ho, Ho, Oh?

It’s nearly December, so, so nearly. Time to start thinking in evergreen….

This year’s Christmas will require some creative thinking in a building site, it will not be the usual  decorative grotto of festive goodness, but we’ll do our best. Who knows, perhaps the workmen will arrive in elf outfits?

But the time has arrived to crack open the glitter, unearth the festive music, re-instate the Christmas Library and get in the spirit…

Christmas reminder Number one:   don’t forget to get your video from Santa at


If you haven’t sent one before, swing by and see what Santa can do for your little ones.



Blue sky Saturday

It’s a beautiful  day out there..

One of mine has packed her  suitcase and  is fashioning a boat out of cushions to travel to a mystery holiday: complete with seat belt made out of tea towel and fleece life jacket…….

The other is building a Pteranodon with Lego………

At some stage soon we’ll get out there, but until then they are  happy.

Meanwhile we’ll just mull over the possibilities that stretch out before us…..

So what are your plans for today?  If you’re stuck, why not visit 27 things  for some ideas?

Here comes the Sun!!!!!!!!!!

OOOHHHHHHH, sunshine is forecast all weekend, but ssshhhh, don’t tell or everyone will want some. Who knows if it will actually arrive and who knows when we’ll have our next weekend of full sun? But, for now, I can savour the prospect of  a weekend  bundled up in the beautiful golden glow of  Autumn sunshine.

There will be a fire,  for sure. We will be cooking on it.  There are jobs to be done in the garden and a den to start planning. We’ve been waiting for the foliage to die back before starting to build a “chimpanzee  house/ explorers secret den”  at the back of the garden. When the summer comes again, it should disappear  behind a mass of leaves, a hidden den to play in. Now who could resist that?

Maybe we’ll do some painting outdoors? Or make some mud bricks?

So, I have few plans to Entertain Junior this weekend. I have a feeling that the sunshine will do the lion’s share of it for me. My only preparation make sure I’ve dug out the warm clothes and  excavated gloves and hats. Lovely.

Hello weekend!!!

Cooking on a Stick: Campfire Recipes for Kids (Gibbs Smith Jr. Activity)firecakes7

This weekend we will be trying something from “Cooking on a Stick” and  the “Campfire Cake” cooked in an orange over at:


What will you get up to this weekend?

It’s a birthday weekend in our house, meaning there are lots of things to cram in before bedtime on Sunday. This weekend we will definitely be:

Cake baking (a snake infested cake, no less)

Present wrapping (and unwrapping) and a list made for thankyou cards.

Hanging up the birthday bunting (after searching for it)

Attempting to keep the surprise of what you’ve bought your brother a surprise (a Herculean task for a 4-year-old)


Renewing Library books


Watching a movie with popcorn (as requested at the beginning of half-term!)

Blowing out candles and singing “Happy Birthday

Catching up with some friends

Seeing Grandma and Grandpa

Finishing off homework

Lighting a fire ( so we can cook on a stick and trial the Campfire cake)


Lots of Skyping and telephone calls

Thankyou card designing


We hope you have a wonderful weekend. Why not dust off some recipe books and let the children pick something they like the look of? Or rustle up some Toffee Apples, Parkin Cake or a Guy ready for Bonfire Night.


Well lookie here!

When I opened up a copy of Sew magazine,  I was rather suprised to see this! There were the dolls I did up for my son’s classroom earlier this year. I sent in an email a few months back and didn’t expect anything to come of it, so this made me smile…

and because you can’t really see them very well and I really don’t need much or an excuse to share them here are some close ups!

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