And this week our rehearsal eggs will be……….

 photos by Sauce Boss

Easter Eggs, just like Grandma used to make them.

Very pretty eggs that even the teeniest, tiniest Junior can make a fabulous job of….  you just need your egg design template, a pair of tights, vinegar and onion skins. So, French Onion soup, anyone?


Egg rehearsals – Spiderman Eggs

Spiderman Eggs Feb and march 2013 046 Spiderman Eggs Feb and march 2013 047

We are in serious rehearsals, in preparation for Easter. You need to have just the right kind of Easter Egg, right? We need to practice and try, try and practice. We have to be sure….. because if it has not been fully researched and rehearsed, how can we truly state  “For Easter this year we will be making…..”   The Easter Egg….. well, you should never dismiss an earnest attitude to anything, really, even if it’s an Easter Egg.

Today’s experiment was with what are called “Epic Easter Eggs”  at

or as they are now referred to in our house  “Spiderman Eggs”

You only need tap the shells gently (and not batter them, as was my daughter’s first attempt!) to crack them enough to get a good effect.  As you can see the food colouring doesn’t spoil the eggs “interior”, and as it happens, if it looks like something that Spiderman might like then BANG  goes the “I don’t like egg sandwiches” mantra that has passed from my son’s lips for nearly 12 months..

“Can I have Spiderman sandwiches for school this week”……..

“Of course you can”  I said, as I did my very best to sound slightly disinterested and not jump around fist-pumping….