Here comes the Sun!!!!!!!!!!

OOOHHHHHHH, sunshine is forecast all weekend, but ssshhhh, don’t tell or everyone will want some. Who knows if it will actually arrive and who knows when we’ll have our next weekend of full sun? But, for now, I can savour the prospect of  a weekend  bundled up in the beautiful golden glow of  Autumn sunshine.

There will be a fire,  for sure. We will be cooking on it.  There are jobs to be done in the garden and a den to start planning. We’ve been waiting for the foliage to die back before starting to build a “chimpanzee  house/ explorers secret den”  at the back of the garden. When the summer comes again, it should disappear  behind a mass of leaves, a hidden den to play in. Now who could resist that?

Maybe we’ll do some painting outdoors? Or make some mud bricks?

So, I have few plans to Entertain Junior this weekend. I have a feeling that the sunshine will do the lion’s share of it for me. My only preparation make sure I’ve dug out the warm clothes and  excavated gloves and hats. Lovely.


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